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Méribel, France


At the center of Trois Vallees, one of the world’s largest ski areas, Meribel gives easy access to the entire vicinity and its more than 600 kilometers of pistes. Within Meribel itself, the Altiport is for beginners while Saulire and Tougnète are mixed use, and Mont du Vallon serves up long, steep advanced runs against a gorgeous backdrop.

Trails: 600 km
Lifts: 102 (+ 51 surface lifts)
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  1. Huge area, been here once. Nothing bad to say about it – if you are in to France, Trois Vallees is a must. Don’t no why but I just prefer Italy and Austria – France is so… well French 🙂 So deserves 5 or 4 stars in raw comparison but I will only give it 3 based on some weird feeling I can describe about Frensh destinations 😉

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