Corvara Alta Badia, Italy


Corvara – Alta Badia owes its name “Heart of the Dolomites” to its geographic location in the centre of the Dolomites region . Typical for Alta Badia, the inviting valley in South Tyrol, are its impressive Dolomite rocks towering over smooth slopes. The unique Dolomite landscapes that make Alta Badia a beautiful open air theatre in South Tyrol and have been named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Corvara is part of Dolomiti Superski which is the largest ski area in the world. The most famous tour is the Sella Ronda which will take you through spectacular views during a 4-5 hours long trip around the Sella Massif.

Trails: 1200 km
Lifts: 450 (+ surface lifts)
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2 Responses

  1. Veronique LV says:

    Coming back to Corvare this year – was here some 15 years ago. Can anyone tell if it is 100% connected to the rest of the villages around Zella ronda? I remember from back then that you could not get to all places. What I mean is – can I live in any of the villages and be connected to it all or do I need to go for the major ones?

  2. Ralf says:

    Great place In the dolomites. Much less people than in the more known canazei. Area is huge and you need to come back to ski it all. One week is not enough. I will definetly com back

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