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If you landed on this page, you are probably considering supporting us – we thank you for that!

There are different ways you can help us promote and develop the site:

  1. By donating cash through our crowdfunding campaign
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What will you get in return?

If you donate a minimum of 50 USD you will get on our list of “official reviewers” and be included in drawings for free accommodations in the different ski resorts. As traffic and popularity of our site increases, hundreds of hotels in the different ski resorts will be interested in getting on our lists of “recommended accommodations”. To attain that kind of visibility, they will have to offer free stays and our contributors will be the ones to take advantage of these offers. The only condition is, that once you return from your stay, you will be required to complete a questionnaire, write a review of the hotel, its facilities and what you thought of it. Hotels with the best reviews will earn our official recommendation and get promoted on

If you donate less than 50 USD, we are still grateful (!) and you will become a “WhereToGoSkiing VIP-member” – the VIP status will grant you special deals on accommodations, merchandise, clothing and equipment. For all our contributors we will create a VIP club and pamper you with special treatment on whatever deals we manage to generate based on the success of the website. We won’t forget who backed us and believed in us!

Can I support you without donating cash?

YES! Definitely! You can submit your ratings and reviews on the website, spread the word and help us generate traffic and content. This is key to our success and we will be grateful for all the help we can get!