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THere are two sides in Livigno – “Livigno side” is the original and where the city is, it is charming, lots of stores and restaurants and close to the sunny side of the slopes in the morning and early afternoon. But it is also crowded with people.

Then there is the other side, Mottolino, there are only few hotels and no city/stores etc, but that also means less people. There is shadow slopes in the morning but PM the sun will come. I like this side better for the skiing and eating – slopes are better, longer, less crowded, and mountain restaurants are better, more modern. THis is also where you will find the crazy Mottolino snowpark!

However – if first time here – go for the safe and stay on the Livigno side, expeience the city and atmosphere – then come back some other time and stay at the Mottolino side 🙂

By the way – there are free shuttle busses connecting the two sides – it is a 15 min ride.

have fun