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    This is the reason; this issue is different from usual application crash where one is required to just restart the application.

    Generally, blue screen error happens when the PC faces a problem in the hardware, software or driver.
    It also takes place when the system is infected with a virus. However, this does not mean that every BSOD is the result of these reasons. This is because while some of them are legitimate errors, others are the tricks made by the scammers or hackers to affect the computer.

    When it come sot look for solutions tat are really helpful in overcoming the problem, there are several ways to deal with it. Depending on one’s ease and choice, they can choose the way they are comfortable with.

    Helping every computer user in dealing with blue screen if death error, below are listed some of the very reliable methods that can be used to fix the bug.

    Let’s get started with them:

    System restore: If you are facing the error almost regularly, chances are there is some issue with the software. While restoring the software to the previous version, if you are able to solve the problem, it is confirm that it was due to faulty software.
    Malware issues: At times, the problem pops up due to malware attack.
    You can solve the issue by running a quick scan and ruling out the malware that’s the cause behind the error. Being proactive and having a good antivirus is always helpful to stay away from this annoying problem. Also, make sure to update the antivirus regularly.
    Booting up in safe mood: To determine if a certain driver is behind the problem, you can eliminate all but the important drivers to boot the system.

    Reason being, safe mode allows one to work towards fixing the reason behind the error. If not a pro yourself, contact the expert techies and let them do the desirable job.
    Reinstalling Windows: This is the last option to go for. By reinstalling the Windows, one can wipe the current operating system and replace it with a new installation. If the problem still exists, there’s some issue with the hardware.
    This could be memory error, hard drive failure or other issues. If not sure about doing it the right way, there are professional to rely upon.
    These 4 suggestions are quiet effective when BSOD or shows up and stops one from doing the work smoothly.

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