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    When sex is discussed, what comes to mind only is the pleasure that would be derived from it, the art of making a person reach orgasm or the strength needed to carry out the act. The movies and cinemas only paints a beautiful scenario about the act without telling us the negative consequences if it is done at the wrong time.

    I came up with this topic after researching what would have happened if people knew what sex truly meant. There wouldn’t have been cases of STD, unwanted pregnancies, abortion or cheating. I studied the lives of great men in the Bible and our present world who have suffered from the act because of their ignorance about sex. They had their image tarnished and suffered lots of regrets.

    What’s the big deal about sex? What are the things we do not know that could have saved us from regrets or pain? Patiently read through the following points I discovered below…

    1. God created sex
    Every invention has a purpose for which it was created. God created sex. It is beyond an urge we need to satisfy when our hormone rages. It is a sacred act. God gave man an instinct to have sex so that he can fulfill His purpose of producing godly seeds since we are made in His image. But we often make the mistake of thinking its in our power to do it anywhere, anyhow or anytime. Hence, we will be accountable for how we use it. For instance, nobody would want to harm his/her organ of sight for no good reason. Similarly, our sexual organs need to be guarded because it was created by God for our use at an appointed time – marriage.

    2. Its for procreation
    The sole purpose for God creating sex was for man to multiply, replenish, subdue and dominate the earth. There is no others means through which man can reproduce other than through sex. Unfortunately, many sexual encounters outside wedlock created vagabonds and illegitimate children. Abortion, unwanted pregnancy or STD were the things that would be created if sex was done outside God’s plan.

    3. It is designed to be practiced between married couples ONLY
    Hmmm… some may exclaim! The only avenue where God endorsed the practice of sex is through marriage, where a man and his wife are joined together to become one. When sex is practiced before marriage, it leads to premarital sex (fornication); outside marriage, it is called extramarital sex (adultery). But what do you call sex in marriage? Hmm… You’re thinking? That’s the beauty of sex. No sin, no infidelity, no cheating or contacting of any diseases.

    4. Its for intimate pleasure between the married
    How good will it be to enjoy sexual intimacy with the one you truly love? God designed sex for pleasure between married couples so that they can enjoy one another and share intimate satisfaction. One of the ways where married couples can enjoy intimacy is through sex.

    5. The devil altered its purpose
    Everything God created has a counterfeit made by the devil. God created love, he made infatuation. He created marital sex but the devil perverted it through the introduction of “pre” and “extra” to marital sex. The ignorance of this has made a lot of people to fall victims of its negative consequences.

    6. It is encouraged by the media in place of abstinence
    Most adverts now preach becoming faithful to a partner with the use of condom instead of total abstinence. A lot of people now hide under the shadow of having sex since they believe abstinence is impossible. Unfortunately, this menace has escalated the problems associated with abortion, unwanted pregnancy and other viral diseases contacted through sex. Why should you share condoms when you can teach people the benefits of abstinence?

    7. The devil uses it as a means to ruin lives and destroy destinies.
    Believe it or not, sex done before or outside marriage has ruin the lives of great men and women. It has tarnished people’s image, ruin their career and prevented them from fulfilling their destiny to the full. Solomon’s reign would have lasted many generations if he had not marry many wives. David too would have emerged a champion if not for his little encounter with Bathsheba that marred his reign. The devil uses all avenue to lure people into sexual sin so that their lives can be full of agonies and their destinies short lived. Remember, the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy.

    8. Sex is not a sign of love
    Don’t do it! Never imagine sex as an expression of love. It is a sign of destruction from the pit of hell. How many people have really been loved through sex? Nothing good comes out of such relationship. What happens when sex cease in such relationship?When you offer sex in place of love, that does not mean you’ll be loved forever. The real definition of love is sacrifice and commitment. If he/she cannot sacrifice his/her time, energy or resources for your well-being; or committed to bringing out the best in you, then you are not loved. Don’t be deceived or fooled, sex is not love.

    Dear friend, how precious is your life and destiny to you? When you cherished this informative article along with you wish to get more information concerning whore i implore you to visit the website. If it is more than what you can afford to lose in a night stand, you will guard it jealously and not let it go through premarital or extramarital sex. The devil lures people into the act so that they can barter their virtues for just a minute pleasure and end up their life in regrets. Nobody will seat you down to tell you these truths about sex because it is rare. There are few truths but lots of lies in the world today. God created sex for married couples only. Abstinence till marriage is worth more than having regrets before and after marriage. Let’s embrace a no sex culture.

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