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    If one is looking for change from hectic and monotonous schedule and wants to do something exciting then rally driving or commonly known as rallying can be a great option to choose.
    Rally driving is a motorsport that takes place on public or private road with modified production. There are stages, control points and check points in this sport which make it exciting.

    If you are ready to take challenges in life, then surely this sport is a must try for you.

    It is a fun road trip which is adventurous and brings you excitement at every turn. You may take your one or two friends on this adventurous road trip. Also you will need a map. Many adventure rally trips are organized by companies which have bizarre ideas of wacky rally cars and anyone can participate in these road trips who love driving, long road trips, fun and adventure.

    Some rally trips are also organized for charity purpose to help who are in need. Other than this all you need is a driving license, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and insurance.


    The motor sport known as rallying started in 1911 and it was the first Monte Carlo rally.

    The term rallying came in 1894 by horseless carriage races in Paris. At that point of time the special jury took the decision of winning team according to the observer’s report at the finishing point. The observers were the people who used to ride in cars parallel to the competitors informing the judges about the best driver with best operating car on the specific day.
    The competitions of racing started in France and then spread in other European countries. They do not compete with each other directly but have their own start times by which they are able to keep track of the finishing time. The observers keep the track of time, mileage and also help the drivers to avoid traffic hazards like animals, other automobiles and pedestrians so, they drive and speed accordingly.

    If you have any queries pertaining to the place and how to use Mercedes AMG rally, you can get hold of us at our website. Speed and consistency needed to win

    A rally race is all about being consistent with speed and not experimenting illogically. One who maintains good times between control points has fair chances of winning. It s true that speed is the main punch of the sport, but consistency comes into picture when measuring overall journey.
    When driving many factors are to be kept care of like weather and climate conditions, also sometimes participant may be a good driver at daytime but not at evening or may be better on gravel roads but not on others. This needs practice and experience.

    Taking driving classes

    One can check online or search for the rusty wrecks rally driving schools or classes available in their area. When choosing rally driving instructor, be sure enough that the person is experienced and professional in their work.
    Before jumping into rallying competitions it is a must to join driving school as the instructor will make you understand the variations and different experiences, which will help you to make strategies in competition.

    Drive fast but keep yourself cool under pressure

    When we think of race, what usually comes to our mind is speed and competition with other participants which starts building pressure, thus we panic and may lead to a harmful condition like accident.

    So to avoid this situation it is a must to keep calm even under pressure. It may be any race like Grand Prix style racing, drag racing, sprint car racing, NASCAR type racing, dirt track or oval track racing, or rally race , all you need is to be calm and composed during the race.
    Rally races have the advantage to keep a partner or observer who is always beside you to guide you. Compared to the olden times modern cars much safer than old ones, on this people who have taken rally driving lessons are likely to end up the race safely.

    Pedal to metal may not be enough

    It is true that fast reflexes are needed in the rally race but one must not drive harsh all the time with a high speed.

    This may lead to harmful consequences. Practice on controlled tracks before actual race is advisable.

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