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    Affordable legal services are as important to your personal and family protection as are insurance and health care plans.
    You need a competent attorney protecting your legal rights
    Potential clients who clearly have the financial means to hire a lawyer can do so without hesitation. Those who clearly don’t have such financial means can seek free legal service organizations or pro bono representation. However, low- to moderate-income persons who don’t qualify for legal services are left without reasonable access to the justice system.

    Pre-paid legal coverage policies are designed to protect you and your personal property against losses associated with legal matters.

    Personal injury plaintiffs need access to independent paralegal specialists because of the inequities of the modern contingency fee.
    Non-contingency fees can reflect the work done by paralegals at a lower rate. However, the legal fees paid by personal injury plaintiffs under a contingency fee contract are based on a straight percentage of the total recovery.
    This leaves personal injury plaintiffs with unequal access to legal services.

    One way to correct this imbalance is to allow fully qualified paralegal specialists represent personal injury plaintiffs independent of constant lawyer supervision. This proposal allows personal injury paralegal specialists represent, and negotiate settlements on behalf of, their own clients.

    These “have-not-enough” clients would benefit from another alternative: nonlawyer advocacy. While lawyers hold a monopoly on the practice of law in America, there are other legal professionals qualified to represent clients. With education, training, and specialization, nonlawyers can acquire the skills needed to provide competent legal services.

    One may argue that this inequity is a farce because the use of contingency fees gives most personal injury clients access to legal services that would otherwise be impossible if the client were forced to pay the lawyer’s hourly fee. The contingency fee provides such clients with access to legal representation otherwise beyond their means.

    The business formation attorney helps consumers contact attorneys who specialize in consumer law cases, including bank, insurance, and credit card fraud. And also provides defense tips and case explanations.
    Affordable legal services are important to your personal and family matters.

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