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    Do you believe that anabolic steroids had a history?
    Did they generate, all of a sudden? The answer is a big NO; the scientists and the researchers have buried their heads in experimenting these new “drugs”, starting from its real invention to its commercial availability. Most of the steroids, including the Testosterone, Dianabol, Winstrol, anavol which are used by many of the athletes and the bodybuilders have been developed through many sessions of “trial and error methods”.

    First injectable category and the first athlete

    The first, injectable, which was created was testes and it was developed in the early 1849s; all the male type characteristics and behavior patterns were changed due to the injection of this steroid and the scientists were trying to find the actual reason. To learn more info on Steroids Canada have a look at the page. Later, it was found by the French popular physiologist that the extract was taken from guinea pig and dog testicles, which resulted in the formation of a product which enhanced the masculinity of a male body.

    Can you imagine the years, when all these developments in the field of steroid took place? It is almost 100 years from now and the first sportsman to use this was Galvin and the first steroid used was Brown Sequard Elixir which became the reason for his awesome performance in baseball in the following year.

    The real beginning

    Going back earlier to 1931, it was Adolf Butenandt who discovered the importance of male sex hormones and he conducted a thorough research on the subject. He was also the one who extracted Androsterone and purified them in the perfect manner.

    After the accomplishment of Adolf, it initiated the German Chemist, Leopold to synthesize the hormones in such a way that it became highly safe and secure for the humans. Then, the popular steroid, testosterone was being invented and developed by Ruzicka and Adolf, which earned them high reputation and finally, the much awaited Nobel Prize in 1939.

    Imagine, the anabolic steroids, which have recently hit the newspapers, were awarded the Nobel prize in the early 1930s!! The invention of testosterone led to a phase of developments and included the drug, methandrostenolene.

    The wide use of anabolic steroids

    With the foundation of steroids like testosterone and Dianabol, sports athletes grabbed their golden opportunities and many of them were recorded to showcase extraordinary performance.

    As a result of this over usage, the side effects of the steroids too became widespread, but it was too late to control its effect. Campaigns were held worldwide and in many of the countries like Germany, the invention of steroids was at its peak.

    Olympics – A platform for the steroid users

    Even though the IOC banned the usage of steroids, a full scale testing program was released by the panel, which measured the levels of testosterone and presented a full level report.

    This is again a foolproof method of detecting the presence of these “muscle simulating agents”.

    An Overview

    Even though steroids become a public enemy because of its uncontrolled usage, their presence is inevitable in the medical field.
    They have been used for the treatment of many diseases.

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