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    Exercising at gyms can be a little overwhelming for some people.
    The best alternative to a gym is exercising at home. The surroundings are comfortable and clean and you do not have to listen to the loud songs on a loop. While exercising at home, your personal trainer will help you with almost no-equipment work outs.

    Say goodbye to bulky equipment gym equipment and use things that are available to you at your home. You can contact with the best personal trainers in London and get to know the fitness regimen that you need to follow. This needs to be done in consideration with the current body weight, the current body condition and if you are suffering from any existing ailment.

    Do these exercises for that rocking body at home-


    Push-ups are classic and a very effective exercise.

    It targets your chest, arm, and back muscles. It also burns abdomen fat to give you a chiselled stomach. While doing a push-up, your personal trainer will focus on your body posture as posture is everything. Straighten your legs and push your body down in a straight line till your chest slightly touches the floor and get back up.

    Remember to keep your back straight and breathe in while going down and breathe out while going up. This also makes not just your leg and cuffs abut also strengthens your entire hamstring.


    Squats are the easiest and fastest way to get a firm and round butt.

    It targets your thighs, hamstrings and butt muscles. Your personal trainer will tell you the different variations of squats that you can perform once you master the beginner squat. Stand upright with your feet shoulder width apartand slowly lower your butt to the floor keeping your back straight all the way.


    Planks are the most effective and easiest exercise. It helps you train your entire body. It strengthens your core muscles and gives you a tiny waist by hitting the innermost muscles of your abdomen area. It strengthens your back, shoulder, arms and legs.

    To perform a simple plank lie on a yoga mat and keep your elbows parallel to your shoulders and forearms flat. You can also keep your hands in a fist. Stretch out your legs and get on your toes and keeping your body weight in a straight line from head to toe. Planks keep your abdomen and the legs strong and they are also helpful for your backs.


    Burpees are the best exercise to work your entire body. It targets all the muscles of your body. Your personal trainer will guide you to perform a perfect burpee.

    Lay flat on your yoga mat and do a push-up and while coming up jump forward and stand up straight. With your arms in the air, do a small jump and return to the start position. All the sequences should be in a fluid motion. Burpees help you to reduce body weight faster and also keep your heart in proper condition.


    Lunges are the best way to target those lower body muscles.

    If you have any sort of questions concerning where and the best ways to utilize Personal Training Perth, you can contact us at our site. There are many variations to a lunge. But, the classic lunge involves standing up straight with feet apart to shoulder width. Extend your right leg forward and lower your body putting the body weight on your right leg. The left foot is vertical to the floor so that the left knee slightly touches the floor.

    Get back up and repeat the same with the other leg. Ask your personal trainer for different variations of a lunge like walking lunges, side to side lunges, lunge and jump.

    Mountain climbers

    Mountain climbers help to increase your stamina and engages your core.

    It strengthens the back, quads and core. Get in a plank position with your arms parallel to your shoulder with your legs straight so that your body is in a straight line. Bring your knee inwards as close to your chest while keeping your back straight and hips down. Alternate with both knees and breathe in between. Increase your speed when you understand the movement to increase your heart rate.

    This can be an alternative to high impact gym exercise.

    Bench dips

    Bench dips are the perfect at home exercise to give shape to your triceps. Simply get a chair or a couch and place your hands on the chair keeping your head forward.
    Now, move your body down slowly in a straight line keeping your body close to the chair. It is a simple yet, an effective exercise that tones down your entire body and does not tone only specific inches or spots.

    Your personal trainer will help you with exercises that target different muscles of your body.

    They will focus on your body posture to avoid injuries and gradually reach your fitness goals. They will help you push your limits and also stop you when you are trying too hard to do that last rep of the exercise.

    For more information on how you can build your fitness from home check out

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