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    I have no access to a bootfitter now and I have a question.
    The fitter put me in 26 krypton shell (I wear 9.5 street shoes if it matters). The boots fit very well, no toebang, no shinbang, awesome heel hold. I’m happy with my boots but somehow I think I could go with a smaller size. Now I have to buckle my boots really tight so sometimes my feet are numb and after the liners have packed out there’s some more space than I would like in the toe box (still no toebang yet). I’ve tried on some new 25.5 Kryptons (with unmolded liners and stock insoles) at the shop and they were very tight (about 1 cm shell fit) but still bearable so I think I can be in 25 shell. But should I? I like my boots tight but I’d like not to overtighten them, will a smaller shell help, should I give it a try?

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    Without seating your foot in the shell it’s really hard to advise. Also not knowing the stability of the foot and what footbeds your using is an issue. But by the sound of it a smaller shell could maybe work. You could always blow out the toe box if it was tight. But unfortunately without seeing a foot in a shell it tough. But in general always go small for boots.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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