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    A good theme is usually something that will fit your website’s vision and content.
    Yes, the way your site looks it’s important but your site content is even more important because it’s what will deliver values to the visitors. If the content is enjoyable or helpful will get the visitors to subscribe to your blog or buy to your store.

    So before deciding your theme you must have a clear idea of your content. How will it provide the information to the visitors, via post, photos, or videos? After you have decided the form in which you will present the content then you can search for a theme that will support it.

    A good theme should be clean and easy to use. The theme must have a modern look and creative site navigation, but try to choose one that it’s as simple as possible. The visitors spend more time on websites that they can easily navigate and fulfill their need to find what they are looking for.

    If you are not sure about what the visitors will expect, a good idea might be to search the web and look at your competitors. You might gain new ideas on how your pages, menus, or widgets will be.

    If you have no coding skills, search for a theme that won’t require HTML or CSS modifications. Also, try to find one that will give you the flexibility to make the necessary customization that you want to do without the need to modify the theme’s code.

    Usually, most of the popular WordPress themes won’t require HTML changes at all. Because most of the people who want to make their business visible on the web are new and want to focus their efforts on their site values than dealing with the theme code. Plus learning how to deal with it isn’t something you learn in days.
    Even if you start and modify a few things, you will get stuck and will have to continue maintaining those changes updated in this way. This will result in more time-consuming than you expect.

    If you are new the best idea is to try out some free themes, so you get a general idea of how this thing works. Many of these will provide site-templates that will help you set up your site easily in no time. Try to test them on different devices to see how responsive they are.

    Check out all available customization options to be sure they have all the features you need to fit your content.

    If you don’t know where to start looking, ThemeForest should be your first destination. It’s a massive marketplace and a good place to purchase a decent and cheap WordPress theme.
    If you adored this article and you simply would like to get more info with regards to free wordpress themes kindly visit our internet site.
    And from time to time they give a few of their themes for free., most of the authors of the themes support the users to assist them with bugs or common issues.

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