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    If you’re getting a divorce in Broward, child support lawyer services will be a must for you.
    Why? Because Broward County has its own rules and regulations for child support guidelines, and you’ll need the experience of a family attorney in Broward to ensure that receive enough child support to properly take care of your child. If you’re facing this situation right now, here are the basics that you’ll need to know when contacting a Pembroke Pines family lawyer.

    Don’t Rely on your Emotions

    Divorce can be a stressful time for anyone, but when custody and child support issues are involved, it’s easy to let your emotions run away with you.

    Instead, talk to your family attorney in Broward about the things that are the most important to you, and work with him to devise a plan for your optimum settlement. Your Pembroke Pines family lawyer will be able to step back from the situation and look logically at child support issues, which is why you should rely on his guidance.

    Be Prepared

    Your Broward child support lawyer will need certain documentation from you in order to estimate what the courts will order in child support.

    When you meet with your attorney, you should take along the following documents:

    Your current paystubs
    Bank statements from all banks that you do business with.
    If you’re self employed, you’ll need to provide a profit and loss statement as proof of your income.
    Documentation showing that you receive any benefits from either social security or from a pension.
    Current tax returns (2-3 years worth), along with all related W#-2s, W-9s, and 1099s.
    Documents about your current medical insurance.
    How it Works

    The specifics of your child support will be determined by a judge in a court of law.

    The judge will be required to follow the laws of the county, but a family attorney in Broward will understand just what information the judge needs in order to make the right decision. For instance, the non-custodial parent will be ordered to pay a specific amount of child support per month to the custodial parent, and that amount is determined by the net income of the payer.

    But what a Broward child support lawyer understands is that, although the judge is supposed to determine the payment according to the Florida Child Support Guidelines, they can actually adjust the amount up or down by 5 percent. That means if you have special circumstances, your Pembroke Pines family lawyer can call it to the judge’s attention.

    Divorce is difficult enough without worrying about whether or not the child support arrangement will be fair-or sufficient enough to raise your child.

    Talk to a family lawyer in Broward to find out if you need to hire one. After all, you’ll have to live with the guidelines that are set up at the time of your divorce for a long time-doesn’t it make sense to ensure that you and your child are well taken care of?

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