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    Statistics show that in these economic times, the rate of divorce increases because of the unbearable pressure that hard times can put on a marriage.
    And for some, a do-it-yourself divorce may be sufficient, but if your divorce involves children, chances are that you need a divorce attorney in Broward. Child support lawyer advice is invaluable in these times, because once you make an agreement, you’re generally stuck with it-no matter how unfair you eventually become to feel about it.

    Let’s take a look at some of the general aspects of Florida law when it comes to child support.

    Florida Law Dictates Who Supports the Child

    A Broward child support lawyer will be able to explain the laws of Florida to you so that you can make the best decisions about your child.
    For instance, some people believe that they can “opt-out” of child support if both parties are in agreement, but that’s not the case in Broward. Child support lawyer experts will tell you that Florida demands all parents contribute to the support of their minor children. In Florida, a minor child is anyone younger than 18, or an 18 year old who is still in high school, and hasn’t yet turned 19.

    If you have a child that age, you’ll definitely need the guidance of an experienced lawyer to help you make child custody and support decisions.

    Florida Law Dictates the Amount of Child Support

    Another common misconception is that child support can be worked out among the parties, or that the amount will be calculated by the monthly amount that it takes to support the child.

    But a good child support lawyer in Broward will tell you that’s simply not the case. Instead, all child support is based on the Florida Child Support Guidelines, along with the net income of both parents. In order to make sure that your child support is equitable, you’ll need to hire a good divorce attorney.
    In Broward, look for one who has experience with divorce and child support matters in Florida. The child support and divorce laws change from state to state, and that’s why it’s important that you hire a divorce attorney in Broward. If you cherished this article and you would like to acquire more details pertaining to child support assessment kindly take a look at the web site. After all, you and your child’s future are at stake, and it only makes sense to trust someone who understands the law of the land-not someone who’s guessing.

    Divorce is never easy, and so many people make it tougher on themselves by trying to work things out on their own, rather than hiring a child support attorney in Broward.

    Child support lawyer experts will tell you that things are difficult enough when a household is separating, and trying to act as your own attorney will likely just make things worse. Why not make an appointment with a divorce attorney in Broward and find out if you qualify for a simple, do it yourself divorce, or if you need the help and guidance of a professional?
    It’s your life, after all-shouldn’t you talk to an expert in a time like this?

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