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    However, Yi-Kuang insist in private that his “destroy missions and foreign” ideas and do some things to contain the diehards.
    Of course, as long as the slightest pressure, he quit, returned to the silence. June 15, the first time the day before the Imperial Conference, Yuan Yi-Kuang Chang a letter, Boxer said, “it is heinous crime” should be “high-reward format,” “shoot to kill.” Yi-Kuang Yuan Chang, of course, agree with the view.

    When the Empress decides to execute Yuan Chang, Xu Jingcheng and Tateyama, United yuan, Xu minister with the instrument, such as V, Yi-Kuang certainly is opposition, however, he did not take active measures to rescue.

    “Diary of high Nan,” said: July 25 executions Yuan Chang, Xu Jingcheng ago, Rong Lu plead not allowed to go to Yi-Kuang go together.
    Yi-Kuang said: “I and other ear if you ask no, I can Ann Walker? Wish is granted, non-Xu (Tong), Chong (Chi) is not a word.” Yi-Kuang play it safe, smooth life skills of character exposed. This time, he was mainly carried out and the embassy area ministers who correspondence requires States diplomats to Tianjin “shelter”, replied the minister raised questions about the security issues to the minister and introduce measures to protect China plans to ensure that “foolproof”, and so on. In addition, he has no other act, it is difficult as the other.

    August 4, 1900, eight-invaded two routes from Tianjin to Beijing.

    August 15 morning, the Empress with a dynasty and the big brother Pu Chun and other fled in panic. Queensland Minister for Law to stay in Beijing so see the post “the minister Di Qing looking very anxious, out of the proposed section is intended, or even to the pavilion to explore many times,” petitioned “ordered to return to Beijing to negotiate with Di Qing, discretionary, consistent with national ministers jia . “(Note: Chen Kuilong:” Dream Banana Pavilion Notes “, see” Boxer historical “, the first 688.) August 23, Kun Kong, etc.

    and on a memorial, to convey the Secretary General of the words of Hart: “States Prince Yi Kuang Ching Su and work for many years, the most convincing three days … … must be met promptly, please celebrate the king to save the people and social security cases.” Kun Kong explained that this was because “many years of Qing princes in the Department’s work, carefully peace, the admiration for the country, both countries are willing to negotiate with the pro-princes and local events as soon as possible. ”

    (Note: “Boxer historical materials” (above), p.

    497.) August 25, Li is also on a memorial, claiming that “celebrate Prince, especially the countries re-Rong Lu, who has bodyguards westbound, should be invited to order Starry Night back to Beijing. “(Note:” Boxer historical materials “(above), p. 507.) August 27, Hart has written to Prime Minister Offices, and asked Jane to send petitioned the emperor rush to Beijing conferences and Prince Ching, ( Note: “Customs and the Boxer Rebellion in China,” Zhonghua Book Company, 1983, p.

    29.) on the same day, Edict life “sick to the line delay pregnant Pavilion” Yi Kuang “Chi back to the capital today, discretionary, needless’s trip Bank “(Note:” Boxer historical materials “(above), p. If you liked this article and you simply would like to be given more info with regards to Welsh Cardiff Escorts generously visit our web site. 513.).

    September 3, Yi Kuang in the UK and Japan under military escort back to Beijing.
    After a series of negotiations, September 7, 1901, “Boxer Protocol” official signature, exactly one year too. And recommendations from the beginning to the end of February 1901, Yi Kuang, who mainly with foreign ambassadors to dwell on the so-called punishment of the “culprit” of the problem, which lasted for six months, Yi Kuang in the “Suppression ask” policy, and Zai Yi et al sharp opposition, but for business acumen, it is possible to get killed five ministers with the same level.

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