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    Nov 19 (Reuters) – The European Union’s drug regulator has issued advice on using Merck’s COVID-19 pill for adults and began a review of a rival tablet from Pfizer to help member states decide on quick adoption ahead of any formal EU-wide approval.

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    Unlike the regulators in the United States, the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals market, the European Union’s EMA does not have emergency use procedures for treatments or vaccines, and often relies on a lengthier process for authorisation.

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    EMA said website it was studying available data on the Pfizer pill Paxlovid, days after the drugmaker sought U.S.
    approval, adding that a more comprehensive rolling review was expected to start ahead of any approval. It did not specify when that review would be.

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    While vaccines are central to the fight against the pandemic, regulators are looking at therapies, including the Pfizer and Merck pills, and EMA last week backed drugs from Regeneron-Roche and Celltrion.

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