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    Futon frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most futon frames can fold horizontally or vertically to make a bed or a couch. Futon frames are made of either wood or metal. There are a limitless number of designs for futon frames to accommodate any type of room.

    One of the major advantages of futons over other types of furniture is that most of the frames can be adjusted to either an upright sofa position or a horizontal bed setting. This eliminates the need for fold out couches and other heavy, cumbersome furniture. This adjustability makes futons perfect for accommodating houseguests.

    There are a number of materials that futon frames can be made of. They can be made of wood like oak or pine, or they can be constructed with metal. Both materials are used to make long lasting adjustable frames. Many high quality futon frames are made of strong woods like oak. Oak can be stained many different shades and is known for being sturdy. Pine is also a common material used in futon frames. Pine frames are not quite as strong as oak, but they still hold up well. Pine frames can be stained to match the rest of the room. Many other futon frames are metallic. Metal frames are usually lighter and smaller than wood frames. Many college students have metal futon frames in their dorm rooms or apartments. Metal frames come in many colors and are welded with sturdy, strong metal.

    There are futon frames made for many types of rooms. Many wood and metal frames are as pretty and classy as traditional sofas or beds. A futon sofa can fit in with any other type of furniture in a living room. Futon frames are more versatile than other types of furniture. The frames can have a straight back like a sofa, a reclined back like a Laze-e-boy, or they can be adjusted horizontally like a bed.

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