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    Catherine Schultz

    Developing the Early Learner
    Level 1

    by Simone Bibeau

    ? Developing the Early Learner — Read More ?

    • Author: Simone Bibeau
    • ISBN: 9780940406018 (0940406012)
    • Format: paperback, 64 pages
    • Language: english
    • Release date: May 1, 1982
    • Publisher: Perception Publications

    About The Book

    BOOK 1 of 4 (AGES 2-6) Book 1 is a pre-reading experience designed to provide your child with a complete program in perceptual readiness. Here are some of the unique qualities that you will find within these pages. We include all four major areas of perception: visual, auditory, motor, and comprehension skills. Each major category is then broken down into specific sub-skills so that you can understand just what type of learning is taking place. Every page develops only ONE sub-skill to avoid confusion when the child is working the page. A target score on each page quickly gives you a score as well as an incentive for the child to work toward a certain goal. This is very important as it helps a child realize that they have some responsibility for the work they are doing. By filling in the record sheet in the back of the book you will be continually aware of your child s progress. The black and white interior prevents any distractions created by color and provides your child with the enjoyable activity of coloring (a great hand-eye exercise) and personalizing their own book. Teach your child how to learn before you teach them how to read. Skills developed in Level 1 are: MOTOR L-R Tracking, Hand-Eye, Patterns VISUAL Similarities, Memory, Figure Ground AUDITORY Similarities, Memory, Rhyming COMPREHENSION Associations, Sequence, Language

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