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    <p> We use the values of CPU status flags to check the outcome of arithmetic operations. But true nonetheless. If you have an opinion about illness, you will seemingly require to check up about printed tee shirts. I had used Picasa in the past, but there were a couple small things I did not like about it so I ventured ahead to check out what else was available. Things looked bad for the Austrians.. On Turn 3, things began to go Prussia’s way. The Prussian gunners regained their gun and resumed a duel with their opposite numbers, and were getting the better of it despite the Austrian’s position in the cover of the town – so on Turn 7, the Austrian Light Horse tried another desperate ‘charge for the guns’ ( sadly only a squadron, not a light brigade..) , but to little effect. Saxon von Bruhl light dragoons support the La Reine regiment. Prussian brigade of the Duke of Bevern, supported by the Prinz von Preussen (CR2) cuirassiers fill in the ground from the Kindlewald to the Schmeidberg hill. This would leave the hill objective in Prussian hands, and allow them to focus on objective number two, the town – and it left only three Austrian units in play.</p>
    <p> I’m sure I have overstayed my welcome now, so we can leave it there. The oriental look these flags have to us would have been lost on most of the Fenians. Mixing a old school look with a new era terrain. Flags of this era (and other wartime flags) are nearly always hand-sewn. Garden flags or Mini flags are the smaller ones. In the front yard garden flags can recognize your home or even show your place in a better way. For the lovers of architecture, the Colosseum is the place to visit. Their one remaining full-strength Cavalry unit kept the Hussars under threat, and the two Von Kleist battalions began to advance on the final objective – the defended town. BUT he ( that’s me, of course) made the mistake of throwing in the three battalions piecemeal as they came up, rather than a simultaneous mass assault. The third quarter is gold (yellow) with three red crescents, set inside a royal double tressure (or border). These rolled most effectively, taking 1 CV point and two Flags from the Hussars, which was decisive – the Austrian Lights had now lost three flags, and they too must retire. There were to be two line infantry regiments, however recruiting proved too sparse to field these.</p>
    <p> In 1809 he convinced the Austrians to bankroll a contingent of infantry, cavalry and artillery to take the field against the French. They inflicted a third ‘Fallen Flag’ on the Austrian guns – which must now retire from the field. The Prussian foot were not going to be able to dislodge them; the guns might eventually batter them into submission, but for now they had halted the Prussian attack. A few questions arose, and a bit of tinkering might be in order to make them more attuned to pre-Napoleonic combat. On the wooded hill, the Jaegers in close combat inflicted a third Flag down on 2nd Botta, and in the musketry duel to the west, the Fusiliers did the same to 1st Botta. On the hill, both Jaeger units managed to get to close combat with 2nd Botta, who suffered another ‘Flag’ down. Just one battalion and a gun ( also two magnolia lane easter house flags down thanks to counter-battery fire ) remained holding the town. Given the powerful advantage of defending a ‘BUA’ in both musketry duels ( reduce fire by TWO dice ) and bayonet charges, on succeeding turns the Austrian foot saw off 1st von Kleist ( reduced to CV of 3, may not attack further ) , 2nd von Kleist ( also down to CV of 3 ) and 2nd Jaegers ( reduced to CV 4, perilously close to retiring ).</p>
    <p> The cavalry rolled one ‘Flag’ and one ‘Sabre’ – not enough to rout the gunners, but it forced them to fire hastily and then take shelter with the nearby von Kleist foot, leaving the cavalry, albeit also suffering one Flag, occupying the gun position ( hmmm.. Meanwhile West of the town, the Horse Grenadiers pulled back from the withering fire, 2nd Cuirassiers charged 1st Botta yet again – and bounced off yet again – but now step forward the Prussian Guard Fusiliers with a crashing volley, and Botta suffered one Flag and 2 CV losses. The Austrian gun spattered the Horse Grenadiers with more canister ( -1 CV ) , but the Prussian gun had now unlimbered, and opened counter-battery fire, immediately achieving a ‘Fallen Flag’ on their opposite numbers ( despite their being in cover in the town – good shooting ), so the Austrian gun would fire with reduced effect. Both Austrian battalions now had as many ‘Fallen Flags’ as their troop quality value – so both must retire from the fight. The Prussians could now throw two battalions of Von Kleist and one of Jaegers at the lone Botta battalion barricaded in the built-up-area, and their general hoped to ‘rally off ‘ a Flag and get his Guard Fusiliers moving again too, while the guns continued their artillery duel.</p>

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