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    If you’re looking for ways to get your company or small business noticed, carefully consider installing custom neon signs.

    Neon signs have existed for centuries. These signs are manufactured by injecting either argon or neon gas into thin glass. There is also a high frequency transformer which applies electrodes to both sides of the thin glass tubes. As soon as the electrical current passes through, the gas within produces a glowing light.One other concern you might have is if the construction of these custom neon signs is safe.

    You will find that it is created with safety measures in mind. The signs could be covered with a crystal clear polycarbonate cover to help guard the transformer and the thin neon glass tubing. Neon signs don’t generate a whole lot of heat and possess no filaments that burn out.

    This will make them suitable to leave on all the time.Identifying what you want your custom neon signs to display is dependent upon what you will be marketing and advertising.

    The signs are well lit and radiant and can catch the eye of just about any passersby. However, when you need to display something more to get their attention specifically if you own a bar, you may want to display the name and perhaps a beer mug. If you own a beauty salon, getting your name and a pair of scissors would fit nicely.After you’ve chosen design and style of your custom neon signs, you need to figure out how big you need the sign to be.

    It has to be big enough to see and read but not too large to obscure your business. Selecting the colors is another essential decision you will want to make. At the least two colors per sign are recommended but you can also add more if you wish.There are traditional features associated with a good number of custom neon signs.

    Pricing is normally based upon the size of the sign and the complexity it takes to actually put together the sign. Feel free to mix a mixture of letters, numbers and graphics to give your sign added style.In addition there are different voltage capacities available for your sign. Other available choices include background colors for greater contrast and simpler legibility.

    If you desire to have your neon sign flashing, this could be added in as well.These signs work great for advertising and marketing purposes. Neon signs are highly collectible as well. You don’t have to own a business to own a custom neon sign.

    Many people elect to have one manufactured for their game room or home bar.

    They also make wonderful conversation pieces and great presents.Neon signs are created to last for several years. Keep in mind it could take approximately thirty minutes when first switched on to fully become bright. If you decide to buy a customized neon sign for your business or home, remember to buy the sign weeks before you want it to arrive.

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