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    <p>Self-driving cars could appear on Britain’s motorways this year.</p> <p>Here, the PA news agency answers 10 key questions about the technology:</p> <p>– What is this all about?</p> <p>The Government has set out how a vehicle with an automated lane keeping system (ALKS) could legally be classed as self-driving.</p> <p>– What does that mean for motorists?</p> <p>Drivers will be able to take their hands off the wheel and stop paying attention to the road.</p> <div class=”artSplitter mol-img-group”> <div> <div class=”image-wrap”> Self-driving cars could appear on Britain´s motorways this year (Niall Carson/PA) </div> <noscript> Self-driving cars could appear on Britain´s motorways this year (Niall Carson/PA) </noscript> </div> <p class=”imageCaption”>Self-driving cars could appear on Britain´s motorways this year (Niall Carson/PA)</p> </div> <p>– When and where will this happen?</p> <p>It will be permitted later this year on motorways with traffic jams.</p> <p>Cars will have a maximum speed of 37mph in self-driving mode.</p> <p>– How does ALKS work?</p> <p>The system varies between manufacturers, but generally involves the use of cameras and sensors to keep a vehicle moving in its lane without hitting other road users.</p> <p>– Does someone need to be in the driver’s seat for it to operate?</p> <p>Yes.

    The system will only work if someone is behind the wheel with their seatbelt fastened.</p> <p>– What happens if there is an incident?</p> <p>The Department for Transport says that when ALKS detects an “imminent collision risk”, sbobet it carries out an “emergency manoeuvre” which can involving braking or evasive action.</p> <p>– Is it safe?</p> <p>The Government claims it can “improve road safety by reducing human error”.</p> <p>The system also requires a driver to be able to take back control within 10 seconds if a problem is detected.</p> <p>– What happens if the driver fails to respond?</p> <p>The car will slow down, its hazard lights will begin flashing and its infotainment system will turn off.</p> <p>– What has been the response to the Government’s announcement?</p> <p>The automotive industry has described the policy as a welcome boost, but some motoring groups are concerned about whether enough testing has been done to allow hands-free driving.</p> <p>– Does this mean driverless cars have arrived?</p> <p>Not quite.

    Experts believe it will be several years before fully autonomous vehicles are allowed on UK roads, with some questioning whether they will ever be a reality.</p></div>
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