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    Choosing your perfume should not be done lightly.
    It is better to take time and try the perfume sample to avoid mistake when buy a perfume. So to avoid having bad experiences here is my advice.

    Step 1:

    The first thing to do is ask yourself, the type of perfume you want is for everyday wear or only for special occasions?

    And also watch out for the season perfume with flowers and fruits are refreshing in the summer but if the smell is strong you could attract insects. Similarly if you are prone to headaches avoid the heady fragrance.

    Step 2:

    Once you have an idea what kind of perfume you want, you can ask a perfume salesperson, let he know your criteria.

    You can then take the time to feel and make a first selection based on their smell and your finances.

    Step 3:

    Now that you have your small selection, you need to know the pH of the skin is different from one individual to another, this is why a perfume will not have exact same smell when wearing by different people.

    Let ask the seller provide to you the samples of your selection in order to test it a few day at home and make your choice appropriately. Yes, a perfume is like a bouquet of flowers, well keep it to last all his scent! Below I give you some tricks to keep and wear your perfume!

    The ideal places to apply perfume:

    For upper-body ideal places: the hollow of the breasts, behind the ear and neck.

    For lower-body: the inner thighs and ankles are the ideal places. Or you can try wherever you want to be kissed! Do not apply perfume to clothing or jewelry. It can cause stains and even damage for your jewelry. For a good performance of scents, do not rub your skin especially immediately after you apply.

    This breaks the molecules of the fragrance faster!

    The first thing you should do after application is to reseal the bottle carefully. Then put the bottle in a safe place. As for wine, both enemies of perfume are heat and light. It is better if you keep your perfume in original packaging as the other bottles can cause damage!

    And often clean your bottles to prevent all penetrations: dust and other particles.

    When you loved this short article and you wish to receive more info concerning 100% Authentic generously visit the webpage. Cold temperatures reduce the intensity of the perfume so you should wear stronger scents in winter! To keep your perfume scent longer, put it in aluminum foil bag and put in the fridge!
    An unopened vial can maintain its smell and its power for years. However the color of the perfume may be changed!

    The scent depends on your skin! This explains that the same perfume can be smelled completely different from one person to another. So if you’re a woman and wear a perfume for men or vice versa!

    Do not worry, there is nothing wrong!

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