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    Do you want to install a WordPress theme on your website?
    There are approximately 70,000+ free and paid both WordPress themes are available. A WordPress beginner, you might want to know on your website. You can try a random theme until you search the suitable one for your website.

    Step by Step WordPress theme Installation

    Well, WordPress theme installation is simple but remembers if you enable a fresh theme, then it will transform the appearance and functions of your website. If you are moving from an already installed theme, then you should know the basic things you need to perform before replacing the WordPress theme.

    Often themes are behind plenty of on the website. We instruct you to install only those themes which have good ratings and recommendations of experts.

    In case you want to install a WordPress theme on a new website, then this guide will be beneficial for you.

    Install a WordPress theme utilizing WordPress Admin Theme Search

    The simplest method to install from the themes directory is utilizing built-in theme search functionality.

    Firstly, log in to the WordPress Admin page and navigate to the admin dashboard area. Now tap on Appearance » Themes page and press the Add New button. On the next tab, you can choose from search for themes with specific features, Latest WordPress themes Popular WordPress themes and Featured WordPress themes.

    Add a new theme toolbar and find a theme.

    When you press on the ‘Feature Filter’ option, it will enable you to choose a theme based on features. You can choose a theme by layout, subject, and specific feature.

    You can filter theme results based on the feature.

    Based on your search, you can see a list of theme that is compatible with your business. When you find the theme that you like to install, then drag the cursor on the top of the image. Here you will see the install option, preview option, and detail option.

    Activating the WordPress theme

    Now proceed and click on the install option. It will make WordPress install a theme and give the notification for a successful installation. Now you can either click on “Activate” or Live preview of the theme.

    Tap on the activate option and press it, and now you have fruitfully installed and activated the WordPress theme. You can add extra features and setting options, depending upon the theme.

    For example, your theme can recommend you install best-suggested plugins, review settings, download demo data, and so on. Now you must perform what the guidelines tell you on-screen or press on the customized option to initiate setting up your theme.

    Install WordPress theme using Upload option via WordPress admin

    In the first process, we have highlighted only permits you to install free themes accessible in theme’s directory. But what to do when you want to install a customized theme? Well, you can install and activate the theme from your area.

    Download the theme’s zip file, which you have bought from the commercial theme platform or marketplace.

    Now navigate to the Appearance » Themes page inside the WordPress dashboard section and press on the Add New button on the upper side. It will redirect you to add a new theme page highlighting featured free themes. Now proceed and press on the ‘Upload Theme’ option on the upside.

    You will need to select the zip file you downloaded on your PC.
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    Choose the file press Install Now option. After completion of the theme installation, you can choose to activate and preview the theme option. Your theme is installed, and you can activate it easily by pressing the activate option.

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