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    For many families, the kitchen serves as an oasis of peace and comfort. After all, you likely spend a significant portion of the day in this area of the home, so why not make the most of the experience? But if your cabinets look as though they are trapped somewhere in the 1970s, the time for a much overdue makeover is now! For those homeowners who wish to update the kitchen, but prefer not to take on the expense of a full remodel, cabinet refacing makes perfect sense. Not only is it an affordable, eco-friendly way to rejuvenate your space, but if you add a splash of color into the mix with new appliances and fresh paint on the walls, you’ll really be in for a complete transformation!

    Reinvent Your Kitchen With Cabinet Refacing

    Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to result in a huge, unexpected bill. If you’re working with a limited budget, cabinet refinishing provides the same effect as replacement at only a fraction of the cost. Rather than removing and replacing your entire cabinet structure, consult a reputable cabinet resurfacing company to replace your doors and drawer fronts. The existing framework will be retained and veneered to match, resulting in a fresh new look. Best of all, you can choose from a myriad of finishes, so you can create the customized kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank!

    Choose A Wood Finish That Complements Your Color Scheme

    Once you’ve decided to reface your cabinets, the next step is to decide upon a color scheme and wood finish for your newly transformed kitchen oasis! If you’re planning a cabinet refinishing project, why not paint the walls as well and give the room an extreme makeover? Just be sure to keep your chosen color palette in mind when determining which wood finish to select. Earthy hues, such as rusty browns and sage, are often very relaxing and pair well with a cherry or maple finish. Or if you prefer vibrant shades of blue or yellow, white cabinets provide a sharp contrast and a modern style. Regardless of the combination you select, you will feel as though you are walking into a completely new room when the project is complete!

    Infuse Some Color Into Your Overall Kitchen Design

    If you’re really looking to have fun and get creative, incorporate some color into your overall kitchen decor. Once you’ve decided to move forward with your cabinet refinishing project and have chosen a color scheme that complements your chosen wood finish, you can really spice things up with new wall paint, colorful wall tiles, decorative items and even appliances! If you beloved this information and also you would like to get details with regards to kitchen cabinets direct from manufacturer kindly go to our page. Colorful appliances, such as standing mixers, coffee makers and toasters in shades of red, green, yellow and blue are becoming increasingly trendy and can add a beautiful finishing touch to your decor. You can make your theme as minimal or extravagant as you see fit – simply begin with beautifully resurfaced cabinets and take it from there!

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