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    Importance of Orthopedics in Daily Life

    Being an orthopedic requires high level of skill and dedications as it requires one to have knowledge of multiple organs of human body.The true example of the quote ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ can be found in the case of the development of this field.
    Orthopedics developed mainly during the wars and battles. Millions of soldiers get maimed in every war and to reduce the damage, humans have always come up with new and improved advancements in the field of orthopedics. From using horse blood on splints to making artificial limbs out of metal, orthopedics has come a long way.

    Being a master of multiple trades, an orthopedic is also required for the treatment of individuals with congenital disorder. A congenital disorder is a type of diseases in which a person is born with something at molecular level which continuously weakens their musculoskeletal system.
    An orthopedic is capable of performing a number of procedures with some of the most common being arthroscopy, which deals with the reconstruction of joint through surgical procedures and knee replacement, which is a particularly common practice among people of older age.

    The main advantage of being an orthopedic is that one has a number of career options to choose from. One can pursue teaching job in a medical school, join a hospital or open a private clinic and much more. But the most well paying option is in the field of sports.
    With the increased amount of games being played in every sport, the chances of a player picking up an injury are higher than ever before. Most of the injuries sustained in sports are muscle injuries or joint injuries. An orthopedic specializes in both of these.

    Thanks to the advancements in this field, an athlete with a torn ACL can make a return as early as 7 months. This speed of cure was previously unheard of.Scope of orthopedics as a specialty has grown tremendously in India over the past few decades. The main reason for this growth has been the high tech orthopedic delivery which has enhanced the quality of teaching and learning process.
    This has, in turn, led to more and more students being drawn towards this profession with renewed vigor.

    Orthopedic cares is devoted to helping the individuals getting their full range of motion back and lead their life without any physical pain withholding them from reaching their potential.

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    Thanks to orthopedic care, an athlete can look forward to next chapter of his career after an injury instead of thinking about retirement. If those are not reasons enough to respect this profession and actively pursue it, then nothing is. By – Vatsal

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