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    Something as simple as embroidered patches can go a long way in terms of adding a bit of style to an otherwise dull piece of fabric.
    I say fabric because I do not want to limit your scope to only clothing. Custom patches can be used to adorn everything from your shirts, pants, backpacks, jackets, and scarves. The opportunities are absolutely limitless because you can stitch them onto virtually anything.

    Not only will you constantly find different articles to decorate with embroidered patches, you will always find different patches to use too! There are an unfathomable amount of patches out there, so you can easily find any style or picture you wish for. Better yet, there are ways to make custom embroidered patches so that you do not even have to bother tracking down the perfect patch for you.
    When you have the power to make the patch look however you like, you can get the perfect patch every time.

    You can see patches just about anywhere. One of the most unsuspecting places to enjoy embroidered patches is at a little league baseball game. Uniforms are often decorated with patches that are custom made to represent the league name, as well as the team’s name along with any sponsorship they are represented by.

    One thing I noticed when attending games for with my son’s traveling baseball team is that some towns are willing to spend a bit extra on the uniforms to spruce them up with embroidered patches. Entire last names are stitched to the back of the jerseys, letter by letter.
    It is impressive to see so much embroidery on the uniforms, as it really makes the letters and colors pop. But where does it all come from?

    Many stores sell embroidered patches. You can easily find them in local fabrics stores and such.

    But if you are looking to sport your own custom embroidered patches, companies like Norco Incorporated specialize is just that. By supplying your own photo or image, Norco is able to recreate it in the form of custom embroidered patches. Adding even more simplicity to the process, you have to option to go for iron on patches.

    We all love our patches, but sometimes the process of sewing them on can be a bit tiresome, especially if you have to do it for an entire team’s uniforms! Iron on patches provide the same great look and feel as regular ones, without worrying about pricking your finger.

    Just be careful you don’t burn yourself with the iron though!

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