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    Most of us do not understand bathroom as a part of our house. It is a neglected corner where we drop in to take bath and finish our business but have we ever pondered that we spend almost 70 percent of our life there! Be it to ready for a date or to attend a business meet, we need it. We may have never bothered to wipe the mirror but it has never failed to show us how beautiful we are looking at the moment when we are all set to go in a hustle. Your bathroom, too, needs a change. You can change your bathroom if you feel that you are bored with its plain look or if you think that it can use some transformation. If you have any kind of concerns relating to wherever as well as the best way to work with white shaker cabinets, you can call us on our website. You do not have to do serious modifications or costly revamps but use bathroom vanities.

    Over the time, the dust and dirt really took in and there would be the time when you do not want to step in your bathroom. You can make your bathroom a real spectacular one with wall cabinets, faucets, storage cabinets and curio cabinets. These give your bathroom a well-arranged look and keep the place neat. In market, you can find different types of modern bathroom vanity. They can be made of granite, ceramic, wood or glass. Nowadays, you can find that stainless steel vanity is also in trend. Wooden such as Mahogany or Oak and glass vanity are very susceptible towards moisture generated mildew. So, you have to be very careful with them whereas marble or granite vanity is bulky.

    You can also consider ceramic vanity for your bathroom but it is quite outdated nowadays and does not go well with modern decor. Bathroom vanities reflect your lifestyle. Choose colors which match with your existing furnishings. For instance, if the existing theme of design is red, the vanity should be in darker or lighter shades of red. Generally, contrasting themes do not work well with vanity. A white vanity with red walls would spell disaster.

    Before purchasing any modern bathroom vanity, you need to assess its use for you. Do not purchase anything that you think looks sweet or match the shower curtains. Purpose, overall usage and color should be on the top of your mind when you finally start thinking of giving your bathroom some due respect.

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