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    I don’t like throwing away perfume bottles even if they only have a smidgen left in them. Not to mention the little perfume samples housed in their neat plastic bags from the fragrance counter. It seems like they multiply, like rabbits. So I decided to get organized!

    What I will share with you is how I have combated the overabundance of perfume, testers, samples, body sprays, lotions, just to name a few. This is in no way a guide or tip as to how you should accomplish this, just me sharing what I have done.

    My first thought was to try and get everything housed in one central location. Since I have a very large collection, I had items stored in a cabinet in the bathroom, my bedside night stand, the hall linen closet, any place that was vacant I was utilizing to store my products. The ideal place to store perfume is some place dark and cool. Not wanting to house it in a refrigerator I opted to invest in a sturdy unit with six shelves. If you cherished this informative article and also you desire to acquire more information about Inspired Perfume kindly visit the web site. The dilemma now was where to put it. After much debate with myself I decided to give up a portion of my walk-in closet. No more binge clothes shopping for me!

    Now with that dilemma solved I began the task of organizing all my products. The most logical to me was to lump the products into fragrance categories: floral, fruity, green, oceanic, oriental, woody, and spicy.

    I purchased a couple of lazy-susans, rotating turntables, to put on each of the shelves. I placed the less frequently used items in the middle working my way out. This aided in being able to see the majority of bottles without having to take them all out each time I wanted one.

    Next, armed with my pen and stickers, some prefer to use a labelling machine; I labeled each of the turntables with their fragrance category. I dedicated the upper shelf to my vintage and unique perfume bottles. Though I enjoy looking at these I don’t necessarily need to access them on a regular basis.

    The bottom two shelves I house my perfume samples, body splashes, and lotions. I always have a box of baggies handy to slip the perfume samples into when I bring them home. Using a couple decorative baskets, these items are stored by their type, and although not quite organized as my perfumes are they still contained in one central location.

    Initially I tried to maintain a spreadsheet of all my fragrances and their size. But I found that over the course of time I would forget to add or remove an item so it never really was quite accurate.

    I hope that my ideas of organizing my perfume collection have been helpful and inspire you to be creative in your own organization project.

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