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    Apostle Hulsey

    The 7
    Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life

    by Glenn Beck, Keith Ablow

    ? The 7 – READ MORE ?

    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9781451625516 (1451625510)
    • Genres: inspirational, politics, biography, religion, faith, health, christian
    • Publisher: Threshold Editions
    • Author: Glenn Beck, Keith Ablow
    • Release date: January 4, 2011
    • Format: hardcover, 304 pages

    About The Book

    Radio and television host Glenn Beck has experienced the rollercoaster of life like few others.  From the suicide of his mother when he was just thirteen, to his eventual alcoholism, depression, divorce, unemployment, and health scares — Glenn has weathered life’s darkest storms.

    Any one of those struggles could’ve ruined him, yet Glenn was able to keep moving forward.  He saw past the darkness into the light; past his grief and addictions and into what his life could be.


    The process of finding happiness through personal redemption was not easy, but it left Glenn with a blueprint for how to confront future adversity.  Glenn is living proof that these steps — he calls them wonders — don’t just work on paper.  They helped transform his life and can they can help to transform yours as well.  


    Glenn Beck and Dr. Keith Ablow — two of the most popular and influential personalities in American media today — have joined forces to present a powerful guide to personal transformation and fulfillment that is as unique as their own unlikely partnership.  They are called the “7 Wonders” and they can be used by anyone who has made the decision that they are ready to change their life.

    After the television talk show host and the bestselling psychiatrist struck up a fast friendship they realized that their experiences with life’s struggles were complementary.  What Keith had studied, Glenn had lived.  What Keith had counseled patients on for years, Glenn had suffered through for decades.

    The deeply personal insights they shared brought them to realize that their life stories had seven key principles in common; seven wonders that seemed to be essential ingredients for anyone attempting to transform their life. 

    Where does the courage to persevere come from when everything seems hopeless? Why is it nearly impossible to succeed without faith?  How much do family and friendships matter in our journey? How do we break down our walls and reveal our inner truths? What does having compassion really mean? How do you tell real friends apart from those who are holding you back? If there’s no one to blame for my past, what do you do with your anger and resentment?

    These kinds of questions are the starting point toward fundamentally changing how you view past damaging relationships, toward breaking the debilitating grip of addiction and depression, toward injecting life with new meaning and purpose and toward helping you embark on a new journey based on hope, strength, and personal empowerment.

    As you unwrap each of the seven wonders for yourself, you’ll discover exactly what Glenn Beck found as he transformed his own life from darkness to light, from dead ends to endless possibilities, from addiction to freedom: it doesn’t take a superhero to find the strength to change — it just takes the courage to take the first step. 

    This book, which was only possible by combining together decades of personal struggle with world-class professional experience, can be that first step for you.

    The 7 Wonders grows out of a unique friendship that we’ve developed over the last five-years. It is unique because it brought together a psychiatrist who naturally burrows toward the truth, and a recovering addict who spent decades running from it.

    As we spent more time together we began to let our guards down.  Over time we reached a level of honesty with each other that is rare.  As a result, we learned that the principles that have guided the well-honed healing techniques of one of us are precisely the same principles that instinctively guided the other to replace nearly unbearable pain with genuine happiness.

    We believe that it was God’s plan for us to meet; that it was God’s plan for us to speak so openly with one another; and it was God’s plan that we share with you the seven wonders we discovered together.

    We also firmly believe that it was God’s plan that this book now finds you at this exact moment in your life.

      — Glenn Beck & Dr. Keith Ablow

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