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    A pleasant walk down the street can quickly turn into a dangerous and harmful situation if proper care is not shown by drivers and pedestrians alike. Pedestrians are vulnerable to serious injury if they are struck by a moving vehicle. Even at slow speeds, the results of an accident involving a pedestrian and a vehicle can be violent. There are certain pedestrian accidents that drivers and pedestrian alike should be aware of in order to avoid situations that might lead to injury or harm.

    With reduced visibility and the possibility of poor lighting, night time hours are peak times for pedestrian-auto accidents. Even during twilight, it is much more difficult for pedestrians to be seen. It is important that drivers are aware of this risk and take care in areas where pedestrian traffic may be high. Also, pedestrians are wise to wear clothing with reflective material or that is brightly colored so that they can be seen by drivers. This is especially true if a person is walking for recreational purposes in an area that may not have a regularly high volume of pedestrians.

    Pedestrian fatalities, though tragic, do occur in highest numbers during weekend nights. These accidents also often occur when either the pedestrian or the driver is under the effect of alcohol. In fact 48% of fatal pedestrian accidents involve the effects of alcohol on one of the persons involved. If you are going to be walking in an area with high-risk traffic for driving under the influence, it is crucial that you are an observant and safe pedestrian.

    Finally, both young children and elderly adults are at a higher risk of being involved in pedestrian accidents. Children may not understand the consequences of their actions, making it more likely for them to dart out into the road unexpectedly. Elderly adults, whose mobility may be impaired are often incapable of avoiding dangerous pedestrian accidents. In either case, the result of a pedestrian accident with a child or elderly adult can be very detrimental to the long-term health of these victims.

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