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    So, you are shopping for a futon mattress and wondering what to look for online. Several items to consider are what the overall function or use is going to be, the size, firmness, what it will be covered with, frame, material choices and bedding. In this article, I hope to shed some light on these topics and more.

    If your futon will be used for occasional sleeping for guests, you can get by with a convertible sofa-sleeper type. In this option, you can also get by with a smaller size bed because it isn’t for long term guests or more permanent sleeping arrangements for you. This size will also allow for entertaining purposes when extra seating is necessary.

    Depending upon how your futon will be used for sleeping, the size matters. More permanent sleeping arrangements should require the largest mattress that can comfortably be used in the space. If your room is smaller in size, a queen or double (full) might be your only options. A large master bedroom could fit a king or even California king. Restless sleepers and those who are, how should we say – active – will favor a larger mattress.

    Firmness is all about personal choice, but there are some things to consider. A sofa-sleeper choice can be much more firm because it will take a lot of seating and use. This will also be the case for the more permanent sleeping arrangement futon. Denser material like wool-cotton blends or even coiled spring could be used. Yes, there are options like wrapped coiled springs, cotton-poly blends and even memory foam mattresses in futon choices now. A little searching will reveal exactly what you want.

    Since in-fill material affects mattress firmness, your use is the biggest factor. Cotton-poly blends will tend to flatten much quicker than the denser materials. A wool-cotton choice is much more dense and actually helping for more permanent sleeping arrangements because of wool’s natural wicking properties – it helps keep you drier and maintain your ideal sleeping body temperature. Wool also resists the growth of mold and other spore organisms. Some like it because it is a more natural material, while the memory foam choices and others are better suited for even greater supported feeling. Many in-fill materials contain toxic chemicals that will cause off gassing from your mattress, so do your homework on this.

    Just as there are many mattress choices, so too there are futon frame choices. Your taste is really the only factor. Many different styles exist and it will not take long to find one that you like. If you want a very specific style or have custom features in mind, you can have a bed frame built to your tastes and specifications. Mission Style frames are the most common but authentic Japanese looks are close behind.

    In most cases, your old bedding will fit fine on your new futon mattress, but you might consider some new choices. Sometimes, the depth of the bed mattress itself is different while the width and length measurements remain the same. I would recommend getting careful measurements taken or listed by the company you choose for your new mattress just to be safe. Manufacturers are sometimes different with traditional mattresses.

    Once you have decided on all this, you will need to consider how you plan to cover your new bed. Like the mattress and frame, choices abound for futon covers. These covers not only can provide protection but also aesthetic appeal. You can change the look of your space with ease with the right futon covers. Fabrics, prints, colors – just like with draperies and other home interiors – covers for your futon are practically up to your imagination. They are more likely to be used on your sofa-sleeper, but could also be for beneath the bedding on your sleeping mattress as well for added protection from tearing and such. Enjoy shopping for your new futon mattress.

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