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    <p> I have to admit that I haven’t given these a lot of thought, and frankly, I don’t know what sports will be having conflicting events. Might need to see how TV is set up for 2021 to know how things shake out in the future for the conference. Pleaes let me know! The Sportsvite network has helped facilitate thousands of sports connections. Sports have been an age-old tradition in most societies and carry enormous prestige to the point that some of the richest people in the world, even today, are professional athletes, earning hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsements and advertising deals. In his ministry of presence Father Pete declares, “I have a responsibility to share the joy that I’ve encountered in my vocation – even with the hardship.” He speaks openly and candidly about being a priest in a time when the Catholic Church lacks credibility. Even though a lot of folks opt to overlook it; the importance is obvious. Most folks are already familiar with the “Tiger Effect.” Woods has done more to grow the game in popularity, in particular among men and women of color than any single golfer. It is a well-known fact that women have to make sure they are getting enough calcium to maintain bone health.</p>
    <p> MVC – The MVC juggled their schedule a ton during the season, almost as often as the MAAC did and it often seemed like it was done to make sure that their secondary and sublicense partners in CBS Sports Network and the MVC TV Network RSNs were taken care of. With both the MAC and the next conference in the list, the MVC, ESPN sublicenses content to CBS Sports Network and it seemed like they wanted to do their best to make sure CBSSN got its full allotment so that it could contribute its fees back to ESPN. One of the tenets from getting paid from their FloSports rights agreement was to reinvest that rights fee and pay for airtime on CBS Sports Network for men’s basketball regular season games. 96 games were carried on FS1, Player Tee up one from 2019-20. FS2 was barely used (2 games) and FSN appears to no longer be an option since it is no longer part of FOX Corporation.</p>
    <p> ESPN carried 15 and FOX Sports carried 16 plus the conference championship game. And ESPN carried 13 games on linear TV, so they were right around the amount of games you would normally find on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU during a season. We’re going in alphabetical order and taking into account Division I conference who play FBS football and those with a significant amount of televised men’s basketball. ESPN aired games on linear TV for several weeks before the Big Ten and Pac-12 restarted play and CBSSN picked up several more games until Mountain West play started again. The ABC appearance for the SEC was a unique circumstance where an ACC game was canceled that morning and CBS had already had their SEC game canceled for the week and replaced with a Mountain West game. I expect one SEC game to move to Thursday night along with an additional Pac-12 game. MAC – One of the things that intrigued me with the pandemic affected season is how sublicenses seemed to be paid attention to a bit more.</p>
    <p> CBSSN did continue to air the conference semifinals and the championship game as they did in 2019-20, but I believe the agreement to air games from the conference tournament is not tied to whatever the CAA elects to do with their money during the regular season. And in the case of the MAC, who played a limited football schedule, CBSSN still got in eight of the ten football games it would normally be allocated over a full season, plus it appears they received their expected allotment of 11 regular season men’s basketball games and the semifinals of the conference tournament. Michigan at the end of the season, which pops a big number in TV ratings most years and may drive a better than average number when it comes to advertising sales. Big Ten – The big thing here, no pun intended, is that nearly every football number is down across the board due to the conference playing roughly half a season compared to 2019. The FS1 number being equal is interesting.</p>

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