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    Key components for organic gardening:

    1) Soil makes an important role in organic gardening.
    Organic fertilizers like composted garden, kitchen waste and yard can be easily recycled.

    2) All types of chemical, pesticides and herbicides should be avoided. These chemicals can harm your family and pets with contact with these dangerous chemicals.

    3) You get fresh vegetables and fruits straight from the garden instead of days and months old, refrigerated produce in the market.

    4) It may look expensive initially, but organic gardening is cheaper in the long run since you save money on vegetables and fruits.

    5) You don’t have to shop for the expensive organic foods in grocery stores or markets which may not even be organic in the first place.

    6) Capture and store rain water where possible to water the garden.

    7) Intensive planting practices to help retard to growth of undesirable weeds.

    Organic gardening helps to shield the soil from sun slowing evaporation and weed seed germination.

    8) The natural environment benefit from organic gardening reduces the environmental contamination associated with chemical dependent farming practices.

    9) Remember that since they will grow in the same soil for many years, it is vitally important that they are given a sunny position with well-drained soil full of organic matter.

    Planting perennial vegetables is a truly rewarding investment in your organic garden and you kitchen.

    10) Avoid watering plants during night hours, because they will be more prone to fungicides. Try water plants early in the morning. Leaves will get enough time to dry and the roots will get enough water before evaporation starts when the sun is at its hottest.

    11) Use mulching to prevent weeds from growing.

    This also will keep roots moist for a longer period.

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