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    Neon lights are very popular right now, and have been quite iconic in America for some time.
    Whether people think of Las Vegas or Chris Young’s hit song “Neon,” the color has a certain nostalgia and vintage feel to it that makes neon signs a great marketing tool for your business.

    Here are some of the most popular vintage neon signs that have become iconic:

    Eagle Clothes: If you have ever ridden the F train to Brooklyn in New York, the Eagles Clothes neon sign rising into the sky between Third Avenue and Sixth Street.

    It has most likely caught your eye. Although the sign has since been taken down, the old time metal structure and glowing words “Home of Eagle Clothes” has become an iconic neon sign.
    Dunkin Donuts: The original Dunkin Donuts neon light sign in Boston, MA has become an icon in the donut industry, and is instantly recognizable for the font and colors.

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    Wrigley Field: The home field of the Chicago Cups is an icon of itself, but the sign is the most instantly recognizable part of the field. It has also become an icon in baseball in general, and has a sense of nostalgia for Cubs fans and fans of other teams.
    Buffalo Bills: There are countless iconic neon signs in Las Vegas, but one of the most popular is the one at Buffalo Bills Resort and Casino.

    It features a buffalo in the middle with an elaborate red, purple, orange, and pink-feathered headdress around it.
    Route 66: Route 66 has become an American icon, and the neon sign, with a green outline of the traditional highway sign and red letters spelling out Route 66, has become equally loved.
    These signs fit in any business and help to improve the atmosphere with a nostalgic charm.
    Welcome to Las Vegas: The famous, old sign that spells “Welcome” in circles, and “to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” below, is one of the most instantly recognizable neon signs in existence.

    Even if you’ve never been to the strip, you are sure to recognize this sign.
    Denny’s: The traditional Denny’s neon sign has been the logo for the restaurant for years, and is instantly recognizable, as such. It also has a nostalgic, all-American feel to it, and the shape, colors, and font are sometimes used for other phrases to echo the feeling created by the original sign.

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