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    Perfume samples represent the safest way to test an unknown fragrance, particularly for people who make their first steps in the world of the scents.
    Since the majority of perfumes tend to be rather expensive, blind buying is not recommended, especially if it is niche perfumes we are talking about.

    Contrary to popular belief, perfume samples are not used exclusively by people who are new to fragrances. Members of online fragrance communities often use them for challenges or simply swap samples between them, in order to get a second opinion in what concerns a certain fragrance.

    Moreover, samples can be used for perfume reviews, regardless if these are video or written reviews.

    Perfume samples contain a large enough quantity to determine how the fragrance will react on your skin. The sample will give you an idea about the season in which the scent can be worn, as well as the possible adequate occasions. For more info regarding perfume sample and subscription box take a look at our own site. Most importantly, however, you can determine the projection and the longevity of the scent.

    If you are satisfied with how the fragrance develops and with all the other parameters, you can proceed to buying perfume decants or even full bottles.

    As expected, perfume decants are the intermediate step between perfume samples and full bottles. These are usually preferred by people who cannot purchase an entire bottle due to financial reasons. Decants are obtained by splitting larger bottles, which sometimes go up to 33.6 oz.

    (1,000 ml). Because the price per ounce is much smaller in the case of such large containers, it is often more convenient to buy perfume decants than retail bottles. Furthermore, perfume decants and samples are often used as prizes on giveaways organized by reviewers.

    When purchasing tens or hundreds of full bottles is not an option due to financial reasons, relying on perfume decants and samples for assuring a reasonable diversity is certainly the right thing to do. It should be noted that the retail price of perfumes also includes the price of the bottle, which sometimes can be really high.

    This is yet another reason to opt for perfume samples and decants, since these come in cheaper, but still safe containers.

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