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    Panzer song or Panzerlied as it is originally known was composed in 1933 as a German marching song and since its creation has been regarded as one of the best Wehrmacht songs till date. The honor of having formed this inspirational song belongs to Kurt Wiehle and the lyrics are a reflection of the writer’s ingenuity to improvise on the original which was meant for the sea and transform it to suit the infantry. Although the English version of this song is readily available on the Internet, the original German version has its own charm and can be traced to archives like Deutsche Wochenschau.

    For music lovers, reading the German version of the Panzer song is akin to a connoisseur tasting the finest of French wine and savoring it till the last gulp. It is indeed due to this level of veneration that many online portals which are dedicated to Third Reich and Nazi military music have preserved this song on their lists and provide them on request. Digging deeply into the Deutsche Wochenschau reveal the fact that in this song ‘Panzer’ is the German word for 소형 강아지 종류 tank and its composer was a soldier in ‘Panzerwaffe’, meaning the tank force of the German Army which was established in 1936.

    After the outbreak of the war in September, 1939, Germans established a separate newsreel production for the purpose of highlighting their side of the story as also to preach the Fuhrer’s ideology to people. As a consequence the Deutsche Wochenschau, meaning The German Weekly Newsreel was formed and continued to function till the end of the Second World War. Amongst its collection of footages were German military films like ‘Der Ewige Jude’, ‘Feldzug in Polen’ as also compositions like the Panzer song as a mark of bravery. Other noteworthy footages include the German version of Battle of Normandy and the last public appearance of Hitler before the Battle of Berlin.

    Also referred to as ‘Das Sudwesterlied’ or alternatively ‘Hart wie Kameldornholz’, the Panzer song shot into fame in native English countries when it featured in the 1965 Spanish movie named ‘Battle of the Bugle’. Since the main intention of the movie was to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the famous month-long battle, its main plot revolves around the fight between the Allied soldiers and Panzer troops. Although the entire movie is characterized by English dialogues, the Panzerlied is featured in German. But according to Deutsche Wochenschau, there are many inaccuracies pertaining to the actual details of the battle.

    Given the inspirational lyrics of the song, it is no surprise that it ranks as one of the leading examples of Nazi music and is still used in these contemporary times by marching armies. Nicknamed as Bundesheer by the Germans, the Austrian Armed Forces rely on the Panzer song to charge up their troops with patriotism, their exposure to this song being the courtesy of Deutsche Wochenschau during the days of German annexation. In contemporary Germany as well, this song is not just limited to the Panzerwaffe any more and forms a part of the unified armed forces or Bundeswehr as well.

    In spite of some of its lyrics as regards the actual surroundings being inexplicable, the Deutsche Wochenschau persisted with the song and ensured its popularity not just amongst Germans but all over the world. While in Europe, it is widely used by some legions of the Italian army, in Latin America it is an anthem for the Chilean Military. In Asia, the tank and motorized units of South Korean army sing the Panzer song during their marches and in Namibia it has been accorded the status of being the unofficial anthem.

    Amongst the many inspirational German marching songs, it is the Panzer song which occupies a special place. Apart from the original German war archive Deutsche Wochenschau the original track of this song can be acquired at online portals which specialize in marching songs sung during the Third Reich.

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