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    Hey – just back from my second trip in the Alps, first Wagrain Austria and then Annecy in France – and both times we had like 8-12 degrees during the days and 0 or just below 0 during the nights – to me that spoils the fun, you have slush ice snow during most of the day and icy slopes in the morning 🙁
    Anyone likes conditions like that? It was nice in the afternoon on the terrace of course but hey I came to ski 🙁 I can’t remember it being so warm this early…

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    yeah you right it’s been too hot but luckily it seems we will have some cold and snow back in coming weeks and I am going to Austria in 3 weeks time for my last trip this season.
    What I usually do when it is so hot, I prioritise to get out very early in the morning – if you are at the lift station 830 or when ever it opens you can still manage to get 4 good hours of skiing and then just save the breaks for the afternoon.

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