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    Even while using protective gear such as helmets, reflective lights, and audible signaling methods such as bells, cyclists are still at risk for accidents out on the open road. Whether the accident occurs due to the cyclist by his own fault, the weather, road conditions, or impact due to a collision with a fellow traveler, it is important for the cyclist to have a decent bicycle accident lawyer.

    The most common bike and car collision occurs while cyclists are making left turns onto busy streets; therefore, it is critically important that cyclists are aware of their surroundings at all times and obey posted traffic signage. An important guide for cyclists is a educational program called Effective Cycling. The basic assumption of Effective Cycling is that bikes should follow the rules of the road and be treated like any other vehicle. Using this method, collisions between bikes and vehicles are less likely to occur. The five basic rules of the road that bikes should follow are as follows. Bikes should travel on the correct half of the road as opposed to in the opposite direction of traffic or even on the sidewalk. Bikes should yield in the correct course of traffic, obeying all stop signs and traffic lights. When moving laterally across the street, bikes should yield to traffic. It is important for bikes to commit to taking the turning lanes they enter – attempting to turn any other direction than the one indicated by the lane could result in an accident. Finally, bikes should also keep a safe distance away from the curb when passing through intersections.

    Biking at night is especially dangerous for cyclists if their bikes are not equipped with headlights. Reflectors alone are not sufficient for alerting other vehicles on the road of a cyclist’s presence. Unfortunately, it is not mandatory for headlights to be installed on new bikes. The additional cost a headlight would bring to the manufacturing bicycles is thought to outweigh any benefits headlights would bring, since seventy five percent of all bike riding takes place during the day.

    A common misconception among casual bikers is that traveling against the direction of oncoming traffic is safer because it allows them to see any danger heading their way. However, biking in this manner is illegal in most states. Wrong-way cyclists are three times more likely to end up in an accident at the intersection of two roads, sidewalks, paths, or roadways. If you have any kind of inquiries regarding where and just how to make use of airdrie motorcycle accident lawyer, you could contact us at the web-page. Cycling against traffic also heightens impact speeds in the case of accidents. When biking alongside a row of parked cars, cyclists must be sure to maintain outside of the door zone, or the area to the side of the car that is occupied by the opening of the door. When passing across multiple lanes of traffic, be sure to merge into them one by one. Bicycle accident lawyers know all the dangers that today’s cyclist faces out on the open road. They also know how to help you if you’ve been involved in an accident while riding your bike. Call your bicycle accident lawyer today!

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