What Do Guys Want in Collars, Leashes and Other Gear for Their Dogs?

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    We polled 500 random male dog owners and here are the results.

    Masculine dog collars.
    Sturdy, leather or faux leather collars, harnesses, leashes.
    Heavy-duty metal buckles.
    A wider variety of sizes for all dog collars and harnesses including larger sizes for Mastiffs, Great Danes, Great Pyrenees and other large breeds.
    Sturdy breathable dog harnesses with metal clasps for hot weather to include their dog in their activities and prevent heat stroke.
    Hands-free dog leads for exercise and hikes with their dog.
    Men want masculine dog collars, harnesses and leashes. They want their pet’s gear to be without frills and represent their masculinity and make them feel comfortable while out with their pet. Dog restraints are seen as equipment and they expect equipment to be sturdy and capable of handling muscular, strong breeds, such as Pittbulls and Dobermans. Guys want good quality when they choose their dogs’ collars and leashes with strong material and high thread count because they do not like to shop and do expect to buy one time for the life-time of the dog.

    Men look for heavy-duty metal buckles to strap on the collars, harnesses and leads. Plastic clasps just will not do as they can come apart. With enough tug even smaller dogs can unlatch a plastic clasp. A metal buckle is not going to open up and let their pets loose.

    They would like to see sturdy dog gear more available in a wider variety of sizes. For those with a preference for larger canine breeds finding larger sizes should be readily available for the Bull Mastiffs, Great Danes, Great Pyrenees and other breeds in the 80lb plus weight range.

    Our poll showed men mentioned that during hot weather or for those who live in areas of hot weather they would like to be able to keep their animals securely restrained but also cool with a sturdy yet breathable harness to help keep their dogs from overheating during hot weather especially when they reside in temperate areas of the world. Or if their activity is particularly rugged. A product to keep their pets cool is desired.

    Guys also wanted hands-free dog leashes so they can exercise or hike and have their hands free for water, mobile phone or dumb bells. These hands-free leashes must meet all the above criteria of masculinity, sturdy with metal buckles to prevent accidental release while providing this extra convenience for the active guy and his dog.

    Should you have any inquiries concerning where along with how you can employ big dog Collar, you are able to contact us with our own internet site. Now we know what guys are looking for when they are gearing up their dogs for walks, hikes or any activities that include their dogs. They want “badass” gear that looks like a guy’s equipment.

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