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    Often it happens that people have no idea of what kind of lawyer to choose for a particular kind of case.
    This happens for two reasons and the first is the lack of knowledge and the second of them is the confusion that comes because of different fields that solicitor lawyers operate in. In such cases, it is very important to be aware of the different fields and the types of cases that they can handle.

    For example – family lawyers can handle all the cases related to families and just in case, you are unaware, here is a list as well as the details of the types of cases that family lawyers can handle.

    Marriage Dissolution
    Solicitor lawyers can come in really handy for you, if you have made up your mind to end your marriage.
    In that case, these professionals will help you by filing the application in the court requesting it to end the marriage legally.
    One thing that you should know is that the marriage can be terminated through divorce or through annulment case as well and in both cases, the court will grant separation.
    There are some cases where the court can grant separation and issues orders regarding property, alimony and child custody, but the parties remain legally married.
    Paternity and Child Custody

    Reputed solicitors Blacktown from solicitors law firms can be very helpful in matters related to paternity and child custody.
    If you have any thoughts about the place and how to use guide to procedures in family court, you can get hold of us at the web-site. They can even assist the unmarried parents in getting to the court to get orders related to legal custody, physical custody, visitation schedules, and child support.
    Protection Orders against Domestic Violence
    Victims of domestic violence can avail solicitors services from family lawyers to request the family court to issue protection order and legal action against the abusing party.
    Name Changes

    Reputed family lawyers can be helpful in one more thing, i.e.

    legal changing of the name and this has been a very common thing in Australia.
    This can be done very easily with the support of these solicitor lawyers who will file an application regarding this and assist you throughout the process.

    Guardianship is another matter, where the services of these professionals could be a decisive-factor.
    These matters related to guardianship generally involve determining as to who will be responsible for the medical, personal, and financial decisions over a child.
    The cases related to guardianship can be pertaining even to the senior citizens who are unable to take care of themselves, physically and financially.
    Termination of Parental Rights and Adoptions
    The solicitors services can be a decisive factor when it comes to the matters related to termination of parental right as well as adoptions.
    In such cases, the family court will come into action when there are serious reasons why a parent should no longer have a parental relationship with a child (such as abandonment, neglect, abuse, etc.).
    In such cases, the family court as well as the family lawyers can assist by granting the adoption to someone else who wants to adopt the child legally and become a legal parent.
    Other than these, these family lawyers can even help in several other matters that have not been listed here.

    The most important of them is the matters related to juvenile, if there are allegations of child abuse, child neglect or where minors are accused of participating in illegal behaviour.

    Anthon Bruce Associated with McDonnell Schroder concern the Family lawyer regarding the Family matter like Resident Parent Agreements, Wills, Violence Restraining Orders, Child Protection etc As Experts from should understand that the child’s best interests are the paramount consideration in all parenting matters and rules clearly mention that these lawyers are the first and foremost officers of the court and they must not mislead or deceive the Court.

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