Tignes, France


With one of the main resort villages at 2100m and a high point of 3455m, Tignes’ altitude means you can ski here for 10 months of the year. From mid-November it’s possible to descend from the top of the Grande Motte glacier to the funicular station at Val Claret, a drop of 1400m. That’s more than most resorts in the world can offer in February. The glacier is the highest point in the Espace Killy ski area that Tignes shares with Val d’Isère and the key to its long season. The piste grooming is also some of the best in Europe.

Trails: 300 km
Lifts: 53 (+ 30 surface lifts)
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  1. Miroslav says:

    Where would people suggest is best location to stay – Tignes or Val D’isere? It is just a week and we are primarily coming because we want to experience the area and we have no preference for either village.


    • Philip says:

      Tignes and Val D are quite different – Tignes is best situated with easy access to the slopes from everywhere and it is really hight, 2100 m I think. But it is also one of those “purpose-built” French resorts where they decided – let’s make skiing an industry so we built a village out of concrete up here in the mountains. Okay – they have made it better lately, but still. This is not an old charming village – this is just a place to sleep when you are not skiing. I don’t like it much. Most apartments are really small.
      Val D in comparison is an ooooold village where people actually lived before skiing was invented so it has much more charm and not just tall concrete buildings. However it is more expensive so the cheeper solution would be Tignes. So depends on what is in focus – if skiing and just a place to sleep, go for Tignes. If charm and an actual village an not necessarily skiing from dusk till dawn – then go for Val D.

      Just IMO.

  2. Marcel says:

    TIgnes is IMO the BEST resort in the alps. We have been like in 30 different places but nothing beats Tignes. You have reliable snow coverage, a HUGE area and a wonderful town. It is simply outstanding. We will be going twice this year – a quick pre-season trip in late November and a longer stay in Feb – can’t wait!

  3. Jim says:

    Great place – last day today, but it has been really much fun. Huge area – something for all, beginners, intermediates and pro’s. Snow coverage is not overwhelming right now (30 Jan 2017) but okay and enough. (I just prefer 3 meters over 1 meter… 🙂 but doesn’t everybody 🙂

    It was my first time here but it is definitely a place I would like to visit again! 4+ out of 5!

    – Jim

  4. Camille says:

    Just came home from Tignes after 4 days of glacier skiing. They opened a few weeks ago and you can actually get some decent skiing there even in October. However I am glad I have another trip coming up i january as it becomes a little boring going down the same slopes again and again.

  5. Michaela Grezdova says:

    Tignes is absolutely a very good resort with many opportunities for all. It was my first trip to France and maybe I was a little bit disappointed compared to all my trips to especially Austria which is more cosy and easy going. I would like to try a different resort in France to see if it is the same, but for now I will probably go back to Austria 🙂

  6. Praveen says:

    Just back from Tignes after 3 days of summer skiing – it was an experience to ski in the morning and sit in the sun in the afternoon. However – for the skiing – forget it. You have just 20 km (they say – it felt like less…) and at 12 it is slush ice. But again – funny to try, not something you would do again though.

  7. Carlos Ader says:

    This is probably the best glacier skiing in Europe – very recommendable. It is a huge resort and what you will find is high class.

  8. Jürgen says:

    Good place, expensive, typical french resort, lots of sun, super snow. You can ski to ValDiserre which is a nice trip

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