Val Thorens, France


Val Thorens is the highest altitude resort in Europe and the highest point in the 3 Vallées ski area – one of the largest ski areas in the world with over 600 kilometres of runs. It is situated in a vast natural cirque overlooked by 6 glaciers so you can ski in the sunshine all day long. It is renowned for the quality of its snow and up-to-the-minute ski lifts, and with 99% of the ski area situated above 2,000 metres you won’t find many resorts in the world that can compare.

Trails: 600 km
Lifts: 102 (+ 51 surface lifts) 
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4 Responses

  1. Juliet says:

    Just been in Val T for the opening weekend and I can only say that we were very pleased! Great snow and great place (but already knew that – we have been there 8 times before 🙂 We live not that far away, driving distance, but even you came from far away I would definitely recommend it. To me it is one of the most fantastic places!


  2. Laura says:

    Val Thorens is for everybody but particularly youngsters. The resort is great and the possibilities are many. The town is very nice and people were very friendly. I would definitely recommend this place to youngsters but of course also all other ages.

  3. Ayer B says:

    A bit of a party place as the other review states and you need to accept that no matter les trois Vallées is a huge area you will once in a while run in to those groups of young people and espcially in the after ski hours it can be a bit tiring as they get reeealy loud and drunk. However the les trois Vallées is close to being the perfect ski area so you should definetely come hear to experience it and it has great opertunities for finding challenges that matches everyone. It’s a five start resort if you ask me!

  4. Jakob says:

    Val Thorens is an awesome resort. It’s connection with the rest of “les trois Vallées” (The three valleys) makes it a huge area, and it mainly attracts experienced skiers. Of course there are tracks for beginners as well, however beginners will not get to experience the entire trios Vallées, as some tracks would not suit beginners.
    The Val Thorens Valley is a beautiful sight, especially when the sun looks down from a clear blue sky. You can get a pretty nice view from the quite famous restaurant La Folie Douce. The same restaurant is also famous for it’s loud music and insane parties during the high season.
    This location is visited by hundreds of high schools and universities from all over europe every year, which probably doesn’t make it very family friendly. But if you’re looking for a resort with lots of great skiing tracks, and with a lot of great and loud parties throughout the day, Val Thorens is the place to go!

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