Wagrain, Austria


Wagrain is not the biggest resort you will ever experience, but it is certainly a well-functioning one and well-connected to its neighboring areas like Kleinarl, Alpendorf and Bad Gastein . “Nonstop to the top” is the motto of the ski area and three gondolas make it possible for you to float from the valley directly up the mountain without the hassle of changing lifts.

Wagrain actually once wrote cable car history – in 1949, the very first chair lift up towards the Griessenkareck was opened, featuring wooden support pylons and measuring 1040 meters in length. These days it is a typical Austrian, high standard and modern area.

Trails: 120 km
Lifts: 18 (+ 10 surface lifts)
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  1. Seema says:

    Just arrived in Wagrain and conditions are perfect – subzero both in the valley and on the mountain!! And looks like clouds will dissolve later in the day 🙂 And here is so much snow! Can believe we have a whole week to look forward to in this wonderful place – it’s our 3rd time here!

  2. Lizette Dorph says:

    Wagrain is as wonderful in the summertime as in the wintertime. I like it because it is not to big. We have been here for 3 days now (start June) and the weather is really nice and we are hiking and biking and it is just lovely. Never been to Austria in the summertime but wow it is fantastic! We are staying at the Hotel Wagrainerhof and it is reeeaaly great (not sure if advertising is allowed here but check it out at http://www.wagrainerhof.com 🙂 and if removed it is just hotelname.com 😉

  3. Lezley says:

    You should be a bit careful about Wagrain if you want to be 100% sure to see white trails… we were there in 2014 and the snow coverage was really poor. Most trails are below 2000 meters so you are very dependent on low temperatures and a ski trip is not really a lot of fun if there is no snow… wouldn’t go here again unless it was a last minute trip and I was certain they had lots of snow. Would never book months in advance. Then you need to look for higher altitudes.

  4. Julie says:

    Visited Wagrain last year and for our family it was an ideal place. Not too big to lose sight of the kids but still with many challenges for my husbond who is quite a pro 😉 Everything works well, so typical Austrian quality with regards to the lifts, trail markings, connections etc. I can definitely see us coming back here in the future.

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