Where to Go Skiing in the Summer?

Is your fix of the slopes unsatisfied?

Summertime and skiing don’t seem to go together, seeing as snow and sunshine don’t necessarily mix. However, some resorts look to challenge that notion.

Below we’ve compiled a list of resorts in the French Alps that we think are the ideal choices for those looking to get some sunshine while indulging in an authentic skiing experience.

Why Go Skiing in the Summer?

Due to the obvious fact that the peak time for skiing is during the winter, flights will be far cheaper during the summer period.

Because of the winter peak times, there will be fewer skiers on the slopes, meaning more open pistes for you to fully utilise and enjoy!

A visitor pass is often available for ski lifts alongside a variety of other summer activities.

There are plenty of other activities available outside of skiing during the summer period, meaning that there is more to do, especially as the skiing day gets shorter due to the warmer weather. These activities can include anything from mountain biking to paragliding to scuba diving.

Where to Go Skiing in the Summer?

Les 2 Alpes

Les 2 Alpes (or Les Deux Alpes, if you want to be more authentic), provides a worthwhile and satisfying summer skiing season.

While the summer season is fairly short, it still remains popular with clubs who look to get in as much extra practice as possible between the winter seasons. However, while it may be popular with ski and snowboard clubs, the resort still remains uncrowded. Alongside the generally great weather conditions, summertime skiing at Les 2 Alpes offers cheaper passes to those of the winter season.

Also, there is a Glacier Experience Pass available that will provide access to many of the ski lifts, including every ski lift positioned at the summit of the glacier, as well as the bike park (as an added bonus). Access to the swimming pool, 3 trips on the luge and an hour of tennis (all per day) is provided with passes that span between 2-5 days. Passes spanning 6 days encompass all of the above, along with a golf putting session, an archery session, a day of mountain biking, as well as a discount on the Venosc Adventure Park.



Tignes is another great ski resort that caters to the summer period. Open from mid-June to early September, it offers a great choice on glaciers and other non-skiing related activities. The Grand Motte Glacier is a popular terrain due to its variety of runs and easy accessibility (a short seven-minute trip on the funicular from Tignes).

The glacier snow park itself is a prime attraction for all skill types, boasting an assortment of ramps, pipes and rails for everyone to get to grips with, or use show off their experience. For those who are less experienced, a summer ski school is also available, running five days a week, with hour long lessons per day.

Most ski resorts offer an array of extra activities during the summer period, and Tignes is no exception.There are more than 20 activities on offer, as well as Acroland situated on Tignes Lake, consisting of slides and ramps both ending in the water, and ski competitions. Better yet, with the My Tignes Open pass, access to all these activities is completely free.


Alpe d’Huez 

Utilizing reflective sheets to slow the melting of exposed slopes during the summer season back in April 2012 (as a result of record snow depths), Alpe d’Huez is no stranger to preserving the ski season beyond the winter season as much as possible, adding extra dates in June to their regular summer schedule; the resort in general provides skiing facilities during July and August.

With that information, you know that Alpe d’Huez is of reputable note when it comes to summer skiing. The Sarenne Glacier provides an expert skiing platform atop the Pic Blanc Mountain during the summer period (dependent upon weather conditions, of course). Considered to be expert territory, those really looking to expand on their expertise during the summer season can look to the Alpe d’Huez resort.

While their availability depends on the weather conditions, at least one of the three black runs on offer will be naturally equipped for summertime use.  As with the other resorts on this list, there are a variety of non-skiing activities available to help you make the most of your summer there.


La Plagne 

La Plagne is known for being one of the more snow sure areas in France, totalling up an average snowfall of 4.5 – 5m at the summit. This, of course, puts it in ideal stead for summertime skiing. The red and black runs are on full form at the resort, with the black run especially providing a real challenge to anyone daring to attempt it. The red run is especially well placed, with La Combe protecting itself from the sunlight, allowing the lengthy and varied run to maintain its snow level throughout the year.

Another reason to visit La Plagne during the summer is also due to its low number of mountain bikers. As the resort is still considered to be “up and coming” in the world of mountain biking, there are less people using the trails, and as a result the trails are less worn and torn. This has a twofold advantage; there are less bikers meaning less queuing and more biking, and the trail itself is less rough and far smoother. Not only will you become an expert skier, you can also add expert mountain biker to your resume by the end of your holiday.


Val d’Isere 

The Val d’Isere resort tends to be snow sure throughout the year, making it ideal for summertime skiing, hosting high-altitude glacier slopes that are used for skiing and snowboarding during the summer period.

Usually opening its doors at the beginning of June, the resort will be reopening some of the lower slopes for two weeks prior to the Pisaillas Glacier. The runs consist of mainly blue and reds, which is good for both the amateur and the expert; also good for the expert (or those feeling to push themselves) are some amazing off-piste descents that lead down into Bonneval, access of which is not very far from the main glacier.


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  1. Nolan says:

    What if you don’t like going to France but prefer german speaking places like Austria or Switzerland – where are the best glaciers? Lacking this info in the article.

    • Webmaster says:

      Dear Nolan – this was a blog post created by our partner Alps2Alps – we will reach out to them and ask if they would be able to cover other countries as well!

      Thanks for your input!


    • Webmaster says:

      Nolan – we have now posted another article, this time including Austria and Switzerland. Check it out – there are some cool places!


  2. geoffrey says:

    I understand that summer skiing is actually possible due to the glaciers but I would question the quality of it – can someone tell me if summer skiing is really worth it and is it comparable to winter skiing in terms of snow quality? Thanks.

    – Geoffrey

    • Greti says:

      I haven’t been to any of the French resorts, but only Hintertux in Austria – it is not like winter powder naturally but it is not too bad either – you should expect slush ice at PM time but if you get out early in the morning you will have nice conditions. The weather can be a bit tricky due to the warm/cold mixing conditions so fog is a part of summer skiing. It can completely cover the mountain so you won’t be able to see a thing, but it can also disappear really quickly.

      I think summer skiing is a lot of fun – combine it with other summer activities and have a great combination. At least do it once in your life 🙂


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